Wojciech Kwedlo - The List of Publications

  1. Kwedlo W., A parallel EM algorithm for Gaussian mixture models implemented on a NUMA system using OpenMP, Proceedings of the 22nd Euromicro International Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Network-Based Processing (PDP 2014), 2014, pp. 292-298.
  2. Kwedlo W., A new nethod for random initialization of the EM algorithm for multivariate Gaussian mixture learning, Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Computer Recognition Systems (CORES 2013), 2013, pp. 81-90
  3. Kwedlo W., A Clustering Method Combining Differential Evolution with the K-means Algorithm, Pattern Recognition Letters, 32(12), 2011, pp. 1613-1621.
  4. Kwedlo W., Iwanowicz P., Using Genetic Algorithm for Selection of Initial Cluster Centers for the K-means methodArtificial Intelligence and Soft Computing 10th International Conference (ICAISC 2010), Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 6114, 2010, pp. 165-172.

  5. Bandurski K., Kwedlo W., A Lamarckian Hybrid of Differential Evolution and Conjugate Gradients for Neural Network Training, Neural Processing Letters, 32(1),2010, pp. 31-44.

  6. Kwedlo W., Bandurski K., A Parallel Differential Evolution Algorithm for Neural Network Training, International Symposium on Parallel Computing in Electrical Engineering PARELEC 2006. IEEE Computer Society Press, 2006, pp. 319-324.

  7. Kwedlo W., Parallelizing Evolutionary Algorithms for Clustering Data, PPAM 2005, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3911, 2006, pp. 430-438

  8. Wojciech Kwedlo, A Parallel Evolutionary Algorithm for Discovery of Decision Rules,Parallel Processing and Applied Mathematics, 5th International Conference, PPAM 2003, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3019, Springer, 2004.

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  9. (in Polish language) Wojciech Kwedlo,  Algorytmy ewolucyjne jako narzędzia pozyskiwania wiedzy z baz danych (Evolutionary Algorithms for Knowledge Discovery in Databases), Ph. D. thesis, Faculty of Computer Science, Białystok Technical University, 2003.
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  10. Kwedlo W., Krętowski M., Learning decision rules using a distributed evolutionary algorithm, TASK Quarterly 6, 2002
    Download compressed postscript of a draft version  (task2002.zip 218 KB)

  11. Kwedlo W., Krętowski M., An evolutionary algorithm for cost-sensitive decision rule learning. Machine Learning: ECML 2001. 12th European Conference on Machine Learning, Freiburg, Germany, September,3-7, 2001. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 2167.
    Download compressed postscript (ecml2001.ps.gz 120 KB)

  12. Keller J., Bauer V., Kwedlo W., Application of data-mining and Knowledge discovery in automotive data engineering, Principles of data mining and knowledge discovery : 4th European Conference : PKDD'2000, Lyon, France, September 13-16, 2000, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1910

  13. Kwedlo W., Krętowski M., Cost-sensitive induction of decision rules, Proceedings of IXth Workshop on Intelligent Information Systems, Bystra, Poland, June 12-16, 2000.
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  14. Kwedlo W., Kretowski M., An evolutionary algorithm using multivariate discretization for decision rule induction. Proceedings of 3rdEuropean Conference on Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases. Prague, Czech Republic, September 15-18, 1999. Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1704.
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  15. Kwedlo W., Kretowski M., An evolutionary algorithm integrating discretization of continuous-valued attributes with learning decision rules. Proceedings of the 8th Workshop Intelligent Information Systems. Ustron, Poland, June 14-18, 1999.
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  16. Kwedlo W., Kretowski M., Discovery of decision rules from databases: an evolutionary approach. Principles of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery. Second European Symposium PKDD'98. Nantes, France, September 23-26, 1998. Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1510.
    Download compressed postscript (pkdd98.ps.gz 73 KB)

  17. Kwedlo W., Kretowski M., Learning decision rules using an evolutionary algorithm and entropy-based discretization. Proceedings of the 7th Workshop Intelligent Information Systems. Malbork, Poland, June 15-19, 1998.
    Download compressed postscript (iis98.ps.gz 59 KB)

  18. Kwedlo W., An evolutionary algorithm for induction of classification rules and its application to the diagnosis of liver diseases, Proceedings of the 3rd Conference Neural Networks and Their Applications. Kule, Poland, October 14-18, 1997.

  19. Seredynski F., Kwedlo W, Kretowski M., An epsilon automata based multi-agent system for the dynamic mapping problem. Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Decentralised Intelligent and Multi-Agent Systems DIMAS-95 . Cracow, Poland, 22-24 November, 1995.